Set of 4 Masks

Set of 4 Masks


Set of 4 masks.

3 sizes available: S M L (I will send you an email with the question what size you chose)

9 illustrations available (mix and match within a set of chosen size)

£40 for set of 4 including UK postage, for European postage £5 extra.


Your custom face masks come in an elastic fitting style. Made from high-quality soft, breathable fabric that fits to the contours of your face. The straps are elastic so naturally adjust for a comfortable, sleek fit that stays in place. Made from non-irritable, sweat preventative material your custom face masks are available in small, medium, large. Available in a four pack, you can choose each customised face mask illustration individually from 8 designs available. Washable (up to 200x) cloth masks, both stylish and reusable.

Wojtek London Art

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